An Integration Education | Jan Arendtsz from Celigo

Over the past ten years, the explosion of SaaS solutions has fully transformed the way we do business, to the extent there’s hardly an individual out there, business user or general consumer, who doesn’t rely on at least a few SaaS products.

And if your company is like most, it’s all SaaS all the time. The flexibility and scalability of SaaS have proven a huge benefit for growth and cost—but automating tasks between them, along with legacy apps, has become time-consuming and expensive.

As a business consultant, Jan Arendtsz saw this problem developing years ago and knew where it was headed. That’s why he founded Celigo, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that connects thousands of SaaS products for both IT professionals and business users.

In this edition of UpTech Report, Jan talks about how he came to see foresee this problem, and he walks us through the complex technology involved in his solution.

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